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AluSplash® is an advanced aluminium-based Splashback and Wall Panel, which is eco-friendly, durable, cost effective, and fire-resistant.

It is an ideal solution for a wide range of interior decorative applications in residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Available in an array of vibrant and earthy colors, AluSplash® gives a modern and contemporary look to the space where it is installed

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Safe, Hygienic & Low Maintenance

AluSplash® Panels, grout free finish provides a non-porous surface, which will not catch dirt or grime and can be easily cleaned ...

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Enjoy a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom knowing that you're doing so with an eco-friendly and a sustainable product. AluSplash® is a 100% post consumer ...

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Quick & Easy to Install

AluSplash® Panels are the ideal decorative and DIY panel. Light, thin and easy to fabricate, it only requires a basic to intermediate level of proficiency to fabricate and install ...

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Compatible with all cooktops (Fire Rated)

AluSplash® Splashback Panels are fire rated and suitable to be used with all types of cook tops, vitroceramic, induction and gas stoves ...

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Steam & Water Resistant

AluSplash® Splashback Panel is both steam and water resistant, when installed with the edges being sealed with silicon and left unexposed. This makes it an idea panel ...

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AluSplash® Splashback Panels can be easily processed by being cut, bent and routed with simple everyday shop tools, such as circular saw and hand routing machine. It is quick ...

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Bored with the same look in your kitchen or bathroom? Get creative and make a bold statement by printing your own photographic images on your kitchen, bathroom or wall splashbacks. Now with AluSplash® DigiPrint, you can either choose from our exclusive range of images or send us your own photographs to have printed on your AluSplash® Splashback Panel. Spruce up and personalize your interior space, from your kitchen and bar splashbacks to your shower recesses and vanity splashbacks with your favorite images and graphics.

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AluSplash® DigiPrint is proud to introduce an exclusive range of photographs and graphics from Lucy Gauntlett (Lucy G Photography), which can be printed on AluSplash® Panels. Lucy is an award winning photographer and a Fellow member of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers. She has over 10 years of experience in the photography and design industry and specializes in landscape, nature, fine art and architectural photography.